More rain last week

By Peter Nelson on September 01, 2016

Another significant rain event happened  last week in our regions but falls were not as heavy as in recent weeks. However, heavy falls occurred in the Maranoa and Warrego regions and across the Northern Tablelands and down to Sydney . Charleville recorded 43 mms taking it's winter total to 247 mms and this is the third wettest winter on record at Charleville in 142 years of records. The wetter winters were in 1886 and 1921. Nightime minima at Charleville during this winter was unusually high being 8.3 and the second highest for any winter since 8.6 in 1973.. At Mitchell, 62 mms fell to last Wednesday morning 24th August and this is the heaviest daily fall for August in 132 years of records.

The Northern Tablelands particularly at Glen Innes and Emmaville were drenched with the heaviest August rains since 1952 . Otherhigh August rainfalls at these two places were in 1886, 1909, 1925, 1944 and 1966. The rainfall pattern this year is very similar to 1886 which was the start of an eight year very wet period which ran to 1894 which I had already predicted last year to happen again from 2016 to 2024..

Over to the west, Perth has had it's coldest May to August period since 1986 and before that in 1973 which coincides with the record minumum temperatures recorded at Charleville for winter of that year and the second highest minimums this winter.  The rest of 1973 was indeed very wet in our regions with the absence of very high temperatures and there were flood rains in January 1974 but I do not think such excessive rains of this magnitude will happen up to next summer probably more like 1886-1887 when rainfall still be high but not so great as 1973=1974.

Another rain event is on it's way this current week . Rain is now falling in the Pilbara regions . A wet start to September is expected but a break of about two weeks up to third week of  September is anticipated.

By Peter Nelson on September 01, 2016

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