Near record high minimum temperatures in northern WA

By Peter Nelson on October 31, 2016
  • Near record high minimum temperatures in northern WA

    Last week's weather across the nation was noteworthy for near record high minimum temperatures.

Last week's weather across the nation was noteworthy for near record high minimum temperatures for October at places in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of WA. Broome's minimum temperature of 28.3 on Sunday 30th October was just shy of the 2013 October record of 28.6. At Marble Bar a minimum temperature of 30.5 was the highest October minimum since 30.8 in 2004.

It is interesting to note that both maximum and minimum temperatures in Broome have been above normal every month since June 2015. Up to the end of October the mean maximum temperature this year at Broome has been the highest since 1988; whilst the minimum temperatures at Broome up to the end of October have been the highest since 2010.

Darwin has had one of it's wettest start to the wet season on record. Following 64.8 mms in September a further 133 mms had fallen up to Sunday 30th October. Only three occasions in the last 145 years has the September-  October rainfall at Darwin has been higher than this year's 198 mms. 218 mms in 1916, 210 mms in 1988 and 207 mms in 2010. Needless to say those three episodes saw very heavy rain well into the next summer in our regions. All these three episodes were preceded by heavy December rainfall at Darwin the previous year in 1915, 1987 and 2009 and there was heavy December rainfall last year as well  at Darwin. .

There has been less rainfall this month at many places in our regions compared with the last five months and some places may experience below average rain for October for the first time since April. But continued heavy rain at Christmas Island last week will soon lead to more heavy rain and thunderstorms by about mid to late November. There has been a total of 1461 mms ( 58 inches) the last two months at Christmas Island, the wettest easily for any two month period in over 115 years of records. September and October are normally the driest two months of the year at Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean not that far from the Australian  mainland.

By Peter Nelson on October 31, 2016

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