Dry period becoming established

By Peter Nelson on November 09, 2016
  • Dry period becoming established

    It has been nearly three weeks since the last significant rainfall has occurred.

It has been nearly three weeks since the last significant rainfall has occurred and this is the longest dry spell in our regions since April. Mean minimum temperatures last month have been two to three degrees below normal at most places from inland QLD to the Riverina whilst many places had their coldest October since 2003. This temperature pattern last month is somewhat favourable for drier conditions.

Very hot conditions have invaded the Kimberley region of WA the past week. Broome recorded 42.6 last Saturday 5th November and this was the hottest for early November since 1953. A week later a big rain depression invaded our region in November 1953. Fitzroy Crossing recorded 45.3 last Saturday, just shy of the record of November 2015.  

The excessive heat in the Kimberley looks like continuing and some above normal warmth will filter into our regions the next week or so but no extremes expected. Further heavy rain has fallen at the Indian Ocean station at Christmas Island which has just had it's wettest November day there since 1974. The yearly rainfall at Christmas Island has reached 4350 mms so there is plenty of moisture still around.

Last month completed five successive months of above average at Charleville and there were only four other cases when the June to October rainfall was above average each month since 1871. These were in 1889, 1935, 1954 and 1996. Dubbo had six successive wet month from May to October inclusive and there were only two previous cases when this happened; in 1950 and 1964.

Perth has had it's longest below normal maxima from May to October each month since 1966. At Carnarvon one of the biggest maximum temperature rises from September to October occurred and there was a similar event in 1966. There was significant rain in our regions the second week of November 1966 and again early December and mid December of 1966.. and close to Christmas Day with thunderstorms. There was a warm to hot spell late November 1966 in our regions.

By Peter Nelson on November 09, 2016

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