More warm weather on the way

By Peter Nelson on April 03, 2017
  • More warm weather on the way

    The tropical cyclone Debbie late last week contributed to record falls for March on the Mid north coast of NSW.

The tropical cyclone Debbie late last week contributed to record falls for March on the Mid north coast of NSW. Yamba received 261 mms to last Friday morning , 31st March , taking the month's total to 728 mms which is the highest o n record for March in 140 years of records. Previous wettest March at Yamba was 617 mms in 1974. There was only one wetter month overall, and this was 753 mms in May 1921 when our regions had well above maximum temperatures for May.

Lismore received a record daily rainfall of 324.8 mms last Friday and the month's total was 806.8 mms also a record wet for March in 135 years of records. High March rainfalls in other years were in 1890, 1892, 1893, 1925 and 1974. Lismore's 806.8 mms was also a record for any month surpassing 799 mms in February 1893 and 755 mms in February 1954, both these were the result of tropical cyclones which brought flood damages as did Debbie. There were warmer than normal conditions in our regions which followed the passages of the cyclones of 1893 and 1954.

Adelaide has completed it's fourth successive wettest month and there has been only four other cases this has happened in the last 176 years when the December to March period has been consistantly wetter than average. These previous episodes were in 1903, 1937, 1946 and 1973. 1903 and 1973 did see very high temperatures in out back NSW and QLD which happened last summer as well. Both April and May of 1903 and 1973 were wetter than average but not excessively wet.

A very strong high pressure system of 1035 mbs is currently located west of Tasmania and as it is slow moving it will ensure a fine, warmer than average spell of weather up to about 10th April in our regions. At this stage not much rain is expected until about 23rd April when moderate to heavy rains with some thunderstorms are expected.
By Peter Nelson on April 03, 2017

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