Outback rain very welcome

By Peter Nelson on October 04, 2017

During the last few days the development of a low pressure trough over Central Australia led to much needed rainfall over the Alice Springs area and northern inland of South Australia. Yulara received 26 mms to last Friday 29th September.

Oodnadatta received 40.6mms to 9am last Friday morning and this was the town's wettest ever September day on record in 78 years of recordings. Just a week beforehand, Oodnadatta recorded one of it's hottest September days on record when the temperature reached 40.1.

The rain extended into southern inland QLD during the weekend. St. George which recorded it's hottest ever September day with a reading of 40.4 last Wednesday 27th September, received it's first rain last Sunday 1st October after 57 successive days without any rain.

This outback rain event is not expected to reach our regions this week but may lead up to a rain event after mid October. It may end the very long sequence of maximum temperature records being broken across the Nation continually since the end of July.

Sydney last month, recorded it's driest ever September in 158 years of records with just 0.2 mms rainfall. The previous driest September was in 1882 after which heavy rain fell in our region during the fourth week of October 1882 followed by more heavy rain in November which did continue well into the summer.

Sydney also had it's driest July to September period since 1946 with only 37 mms rainfall. Other very dry such periods happened in 1871 and 1907. Once again there was a tendency for the last three months of the year to be wetter than average in our regions.

Sydney's warmest September since 1980 which was also very dry is likely to set up warmer than average days up to next January in our region as well as above average rainfalls and this means more thunderstorms than usual starting from the fourth week of October.

It is interesting to note that the mean monthly maximum temperatures in Sydney have been above normal every month since April 2012 and have not fallen below normal since December 2011.

My son David and his son, Ryan are currently enjoying the warmth in Sydney and he may even move there after complaining about the bitter cold winter in Melbourne for so long.

By Peter Nelson on October 04, 2017

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